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Need expert advice before investing in new IT? We provide consulting. Do you have new hardware that needs installed, but aren’t sure how to do it? We’ll gladly take that off your hands. We are your one-stop-shop forĀ  IT professional services. There’s no task too big or small.

NetExpert IT Professional Services are,

New Server Setup

We’ll get you up and running in no time. We can even help you decide which server to buy if you don’t already have one picked out.

NAS/SAN Installation

Does your business require shared storage that allows access from multiple people? We will get your NAS installed quickly and ensure that it’s secure.

H/W & S/W Upgrade

Don’t get left behind because you don’t want to hassle with upgrades. We will handle everything for you, whether you’re upgrading one device or need upgrades throughout your entire organization.

Mobile Security

We’ll help you do business safely and securely. If you’ve already experienced an attack, we’ll take action to close the hole, minimize the damage, and prevent future attacks.

Backup Solutions

Your business can’t afford to lose its valuable data and sensitive information. We will create a backup solution specifically for your company that’s automatic and secure.

Office Network Analysis

Is your office network slower than you’d like? We’ll do a complete analysis, pinpointing the exact problems and provide a solution for you.

Server Virtualization

We will help you lower costs by improving server efficiency and reducing the total amount of servers required in your IT infrastructure.

Business Firewall

Do you need a firewall installed to keep your business safe and secure? Or maybe your current firewall needs improvement. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re protected.

Spam Solutions

Hate spam? Us too. Not only is spam annoying, but most spam poses a serious security threat to your organization. We provide a solution that reduces spam now and continues to protect you going forward.

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