A Comprehensive Network Audit and Analysis of Your Entire Infrastructure

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure tends to get more complex. This can make it extremely challenging to keep track of your assets and monitor how they are being used. When neglected for too long, improving efficiency and meeting compliance requirements can become a nightmare. Our comprehensive audit will provide a clear overview of your entire network, providing analysis for increasing efficiency and correcting vulnerabilities.

You’ll know exactly what’s going on in your network. Then we’ll show what you need to do to optimize your systems and to fix any holes in your security.

Benefits for You!

Improve Efficiency

Our audit will allow you to optimize your hardware for performance and efficient software deployment. You’ll also be able to monitor and improve your operational and support desk efficiency.

Stay Ahead of Compliance

You’ll save time and hassle spent on compliance. We’ll show you how to implement and monitor standards that keep you compliant and secure. You’ll also see improved environmental reporting.

Prepare for Future Changes

Your company will be ready to adapt to growth and changes in technology. You’ll have a clear view of your entire network and we’ll help you plan effectively for implementing changes in hardware, desktop, storage, databases, and more.
network audit

NetExpert Network Audit Services Includes:

  • Hardware Discovery
  • Asset Management
  • Software Discovery
  • Carbon Footprint Report
  • Average Network Utilization Report
  • Peak Utilization Report
  • Broadcast Statistics
  • Protocol Utilization Report
  • Service Utilization Report
  • Link Efficiency Analysis
  • Full Network Activity Report
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