Are you looking for new office IT Setup with reliable and powerful IT infrastructure, but not sure how? We are here for you.

NetExpert specialized in setting-up new office IT infrastructure. We understand that your time is valuable to your company’s success and, the new office IT Setup infrastructure can be a major distraction. That’s why, we are happy to provide a fully-managed one-stop solution that allows you to focus on what you do best, while we handle the technical stuff. Everything will be tested for quality and functionality, so you don’t have to worry about a thing – you can take our word for that! If you are setting-up a new office in Singapore or looking for IT Support services, please contact us to know how we can assist you!

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a powerful new office IT setup

  • Customized security systems to protect your valuable data and sensitive information
  • Wireless network that’s reliable and secure
  • Fully integrated VOIP Solution that’s custom-tailored to your communication needs.

Benefits on New Office IT Setup!

All-In-One Solution

We handle ALL of the research analysis, planning, procurement, commissioning, and testing of all IT equipment — saving you time and a lot of headaches. Best of all, we deliver on time.

Save Money

Part of our research includes determining what you need for your New Office IT Setup and what you don’t need. The budget we quote will only include what your business requires, making our service as cost-effective as possible.

Reliable Project Manager

Your New Office IT Setup project will be assigned to a dedicated project manager, keeps you informed and saves the stress of managing all the moving parts.

Expert IT Advice

Decisions made in the early stages of a start-up will have a major impact later on. We’ll help you prevent potential IT disasters by assisting you with those decisions now.

Detailed Support Documents

We document the entire New Office IT set-up in detail for you. These documents will provide immense value for the long-term management of your IT systems and potential troubleshooting.

Post-Installation Support

We do our best to leave you with a system that’s easy to manage, but we understand if you feel overwhelmed at first. We are there for anything you need following installation to make sure your questions and concerns are taken care of.
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Available New Office IT Setup Services:

  • Office LAN/WAN Network and Internet Setup/Configuration
  • All Communication Systems (Telephones, Video Conference and AV Equipment) Setup/Configuration
  • Server Setup/Configuration
  • Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Setup/Configuration
  • Printer and Copier Setup/Configuration
  • Mobile Devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) Setup/Configuration
  • Advising with Evaluation of Vendors and Purchasing of Hardware, Software, and Services
  • Long-term strategy Planning for Backups and Business Continuity
  • IT Asset Documentation and Management
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Is your business prepared to handle all of this New office IT setup process on your own?

Let our IT Infrastructure experts give you peace of mind by handling everything for you.

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