All-In-One Business Phone Service

Your business relies on quality communication to get things done. Whether you want to make a regular call, send a message, or hop on a video conference — our VoIP Solution provides it all. Installation is incredibly fast and costs nothing. You’ll get all the features of a traditional landlines, and more, at a price that’s much more affordable.

Your advanced VoIP phone system will include:

Easy plug-and-play model, Free communication between ALL offices (even overseas), Enterprise-class features seamlessly integrated, Annual cost savings etc. . You’ll be able to improve business communication and customer service, all for less than a traditional landline.

How it Works

Some businesses may need an onsite call server, requiring hardware installation on your premises for inter-office calls and other features. During our initial consultation we’ll present you with all available options to accomplish your communication needs. If there is any onsite installation required, we will handle everything for you. Otherwise, everything is completely internet-based. You’ll be ready to go in no time and we’ll handle everything remotely.

Your Benefits

Huge Cost Savings

Communication within your organization is free. There are no upfront expenses or ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.

All-In-One Solution

You don’t need to store equipment or involve your IT resources. Everything is hosted and managed by one provider.

Easy to Scale

You can add as many extensions as you like, without buying any new hardware.

Improved Productivity

You’ll have access to advanced features that improve productivity, but are still simple to use.
voip solutions

NetExpert VoIP Solutions Include:

  • Call services (call forwarding, transfer, conference, etc)
  • Custom welcome greetings and on-hold music
  • After business hours message, auto-attendant, voicemail, etc
  • Place and transfer calls from office phone to mobile, easily
  • Call routing
  • Call accounting (reports, call history, call logs, rates)
  • Call recording
  • Call screening
  • Voice-mail to email
  • Coaching tools
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